Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fantasy football: Not that hard?

For some stupid reason, last week I decided to join a fantasy football league called Supercoach. I did it to prove a point because my man is involved with two fantasy leagues and spends the better part of his leisure time researching players, reading injury lists, balancing the salary cap and bitching on Sunday night about his underperforming players.

The point I wanted to prove was that it's not that hard. After all, the premise is fairly straightforward: you get a budget, buy your players and trade them if they get injured or start performing really badly on a regular basis.

My objective was to get a team together with the least amount of research so I blew my fantasy $10 million in 30 minutes. As the weekend approached, I resisted the repeated calls to re-evaluate my players, their positions and the fact that my fantasy team was heavily laden with players from the real life team I follow.

My real life team played like crap and lost. Consequently, my score was average. On the other hand, for some freakish reason (that I attribute solely to the fact that I'd grandstanded about how easy this fantasy league caper is) my man's team did freakishly well for a change.

So, although I'm not completely convinced, it's starting to seem to be that fantasy football may indeed by 'that' hard as I'm now stuck having to maintain my participation in something that needs more of my attention than I am willing to give.

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