Monday, November 20, 2006

Thank goodness it's over

There are a number of things that don’t make sense to me about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding.

  • Tom’s been maniacally laughing and smiling his way around the world for a year, yet picks his wedding picture as the moment to be serious. Why?
  • Why did Victoria Beckham wear black?
  • Katie has kept on wearing high heels throughout their relationship, at times making herself look downright Amazonian next to wee little Tom, but she’s strikingly shorter than him in the wedding photo. Is this part of her new life of wifely servitude? Is Tom wearing platforms? Is Katie standing in a ditch hidden by her dress? Is she crouching?
  • The guests reportedly received hand towels monogrammed with Tom and Katie’s initials. Who on earth uses towels embroidered with someone else’s name?
  • Why did Victoria Beckham wear that enormous hat?
  • Why get married in Rome yet take your vows under the beliefs of Scientology? It seems a ploy to rub salt into the wounds of Katie’s parents who were seeing their little girl publicly turn her back on her faith in one of the world’s most staunchly Catholic cities.
  • Why was Victoria Beckham there at all?

  • So many questions, so few answers.


    Housewife of East Vic Park said...

    Hi PJ I am glad you have brought this odd odd wedding up, because it has had me wondering too....

    Do you not think Katie's choice of clothing of late is getting a bit too stylish for a 27 year old? She is dressing very, very well - especially for a new mother.

    I am wondering if his minders are wanting to create a 'Nic-junior'....or maybe Tom got half of Nic's wardrobe as part of the divorce settlement (Katie would have to take them up though..)

    Something is very odd here....

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too.!

    delamare said...

    And why is Victoria unable to smile? Will her face fall off? And what was with that huge licorice strap tied to her front?

    (And most of all - yay, you're back! I've been missing you, and will call soon.)

    PJ said...

    Hee hee, I love that you think he got part of Nic's wardrobe in the divorce. That's hilarious!

    housewife said...

    Look, I have been pondering your question about what Victoria was doing there at all....I have a lot of time to think, as I dont get any sleep at the moment....ah bless my children.

    Anyhoo, I think I have an answer. There is a secret club out there for women of questionable talent who are dating, or married to, mega-stars of questionable intelligence. Thus, making Katie and Victoria both members.

    Either this is plausible or I just need a decent sleep.