Friday, November 24, 2006

A huge serve of humble pie coming right up

Why is it that celebrities, in all their narcissistic and media-whoring ways, always fall into the trap of making grandiose statements that will come back and bite them later on?

Today's example comes from Heather "I ain't saying' she a gol' digga"Mills. She got so carried away trying to demonstrate how gut wrenching her divorce is and has made some huge overstatements that will no doubt be very hard to swallow when the time comes for her to eat her words.

And oh yes, there will be a time, she's not the first trophy wife to cry broken hearted after losing the sugar daddy and enduring the subsequent release of all the D-grade, humiliating 'promotional modelling' work that constituted her career prior to her nabbing a billionaire.

To wit, my two favourite statements from her interview:

"I would rather someone come up and chop off all my limbs than go through what I went through."

And the old classic: "I will never get married again."

Yeah right.

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housewife said...

hey PJ, how is the project going? Missing your blogs....