Thursday, October 19, 2006

You see junkie, I see beautiful

Um, no sir, you must have me mistaken for a beauty junkie.

Yes, I do have mismatched eyebrows that look a little butchered in a particular light but that's not because of the new do-it-at-home eyebrow wax kit that nearly ripped off every layer of skin on my upper eyelids. And I also didn't try to calm it with an essential oil solution that was too strong for human skin, resulting in a burned skin effect that looks like it might scar, but hopefully won't.

You're very observant but wrong again sir: I didn't buy that new mascara with a silicon comb that defied my tried and tested application skills causing me to stab my eyeball and giving me a reaction akin to a bloody eye. And I also didn't then try it on the other eye.

What's that? My shins? Oh no, they're ok but please don't go around thinking that I made a home scrub from a magazine recipe that was so effective it would remove automotive paint.

You see, there's nothing to see here, just a girl bgoing about her business and staying well away from the beauty counter. Promise ;-)


HAD said...

Hi PJ :)...just a little note for you, that Les asked me to tell you that you are on popular list with bigblog...the blog knappers have been at work!
Hope you are well :)

Anonymous said...

PJ I only just found you on bigblog (hooray, someone with a sense of humour, good grammar and a life) and there you are off to another site!

Good luck. You are the person I could be if
a) I had a life
b) lived in Melbs and not Perth, the style vacuum of the nation and
c) didn't have two kiddlywinks

Well I am following you. Your newest fan. The housewife of east vic park

Anonymous said...

Hi PJ,

I was looking up a friend's BigBlog and saw a list of the most popular ones. I thought I would surf out of interest. Imagine my surprise when I realised that I was looking at your BigBlog.

I thought I recognised the photo at the fountain and then when I found Peanut I knew who it was!!

Maria S