Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a waste of a good job

High on my list of dream jobs is a career as a product namer. I have always thought this would be one of the coolest things someone could be paid to do.

As usually happens in fantasies, one tends to be inexplicably specific about details and as such, if I were a product namer, I'd want to be naming cosmetics, or shoes and bags, or even house paint; but certainly not vacuum cleaners or insect repellents.

Anyway, while looking at shoes on the internet I came across a company that is blatantly throwing money away in their marketing department. They're not just paying someone to make horrible naming decisions for their product, they're also employing the world's worst copywriter to describe their products online.

Behold at left the travesty. Names are misspelt, apostrophes are missing, true crimes are happening with the punctuation and look at the name on the gold number. I'm sure it was named at the end of a hard day, when the champagne was starting to dry up but creativity had died many hours ago. The marketing gal slips her foot in the shoe, drunkenly tries to stand up but fails, falling to the floor, legs in the air, screaming "Woohah, glitzy, bubbly, falling over fun!!!!!!"

And the shoe was born.

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delamare said...

What's particularly strange is that none of the descriptions have any resemblance to any of the shoes. Wicked? Fun? A doll's shoe (note apostrophe)? Crikey.