Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things you don't want to see when riding a Vespa

Most mornings I ride to work on the back of a very cute Vespa just like the one in the picture.
The exposure to traffic and danger is something that takes a bit of getting used to however, no matter how comfortable you get on the back of one of these things, there are still some things you should never experience.

  • A driver, lost in back streets and playing with their sat nav while trying to drive at crawling speed.
  • A national ‘Ride to Work’ initiative that encourages people to ride bicycles to work. This is one of the worst hazards when you combine peak hour traffic with people on bikes who are scared of and not used to riding in traffic.
  • A metal item falling off your bike and tinkling to the ground as you’re going hell for leather up a hill.

And finally, and perhaps worst of all

  • A ‘Ride to Work’ rider wearing her 1980s white lycra pants that are totally see through after having stretched to accommodate her expanding girth of the last two decades, allowing me to see the ‘Hot Bitch’ comment printed on her underwear.

Good grief! Was I glad to get to work.

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