Friday, October 13, 2006

Moments in quotable celebrity stupidity

You've got to love crazy young starlets like Tara Reid for the constant entertainment and comic relief they provide the world. Even without a regular gig, Ms. Reid manages to keep the hilarity coming, seemingly tailor made to brightening up my day.

In her latest instalment, she admitted this week what was already visibly apparent to anyone who picks up a celeb mag: a botched boob job and shoddy liposuction. Well duh love, everyone knows that abdomens are not made to resemble a sack of potatoes so it was pretty obvious that something not natural was going on with yours.

Anyway, she has come out with some quotes that will go into my archive of moments of quoteable celebrity stupidity.

Reid said she had liposuction on her stomach at the same time [as the boob job] because she wanted "a six pack."
--> Yeah right, give up the booze, lose the belly and a few thousand ab crunches will give you that six pack, and there'll be no lumps.

"I couldn't wear a bikini. I lost my confidence. This was a nightmare I lived through."
--> When you put it that way, how could you not bo devastated? I can't believe this chick had major, invasive surgery that was botched and lists one of the downsides as not being able to wear a bikini.

Oh Tara, you're so loopy and gullible and seemingly inebriated most of the time. Keep it up crazy girl, I need the distraction.

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