Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dog lessons from the hippy white hair folk

My extremely gorgeous dog (at left) is presently marred with a horrible compulsion to bark at all dogs he encounters while out on his daily walks.

This is terribly embarrassing, frustrating and annoying all at once and makes us seem like uncaring owners and failed leaders in the eyes of the other dogs' owners (who, by the way, are invariably utterly snobbish and carry around neurotic terriers and miniature chihuahuas).

Anyway, I did some intensive research on training techniques to discourage my dear Peanut from him agressive bellowing while out on the leash. Not only did I come up with some great advice that I will attempt this very afternoon, I was left somewhat stunned by some of the dog training book covers I came across.

It seems all the dog experts out there are white-haired hippies living in the 70s. No wonder my current approach is not working, Peanut is obviously not recognising me as a woodsy nutter and therefore does not take me seriously.

I'm finding myself some mocassins with which to walk him today and I expect some stellar behaviour.

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