Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Three Thousand reasons to love you

No matter how idiotic I find it, I cannot turn my nose up at Three Thousand, a weekly newsletter I receive that keeps me in touch with all things 'hipster' that are happening around my home town. After all, it gives me so much fodder about which to write about.

Remember the overpriced grandpa sweater? What about the stupid t-shirt for people with too much money?

This week, we have a visual guide on how not to dress. There are a number of messages we can all take on board from this small photo:

  • White-rimmed sunglasses look good on nobody, repeat nobody.
  • If you have straight hair, for goodness' sake brush it.
  • Mickey Mouse shirts are not funny, cute or ironic.
  • You should not layer a leopard/stripy dress over a printed shirt.
  • Keds sneakers don't even look good on Mischa Barton.

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Anonymous said...

But I love Jessica Simpson