Friday, September 08, 2006

So close, yet so far

Meet America's Dita Von Teese the uber glamorous, immaculately coiffed, head-to-toe Givenchy wearing, wife of Marilyn Manson.

She is a burlesque dancer and an extremely gorgeous individual, never seen with a hair out of place or without that stunning red lipstick. Her shows are apparently more akin to theatrical productions than just a run of the mill, stripper and skin show.

This morning, our own Australian burlesque 'star' made the news when she caused quite the ruckus by performing at a scientists' convention held in our nation's capital. While Dita swans around in giant champagne glasses wearing couture, our Rebecca wears heavy duty fishnets, dirty hair, a flaming red pimple on her chin and a bunch of balloons strapped to her torso. Classy. (Click picture for a larger version.)

Rebecca was interviewed on a morning news program this morning and showed up wearing what looked like a shiny lycra leotard and long white lycra gloves that nearly came up to her armpits. Her argument would have come across more convincingly if she'd tried to be a little less stripper and a bit more Dita.

Moral of the story: If you're thinking about taking up burlesque dancing, type Dita Von Teese into Google and do your research. If you feel the need to take in a burlesque show, go to America.

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copyranter said...

or at least dress like Marilyn Manson.