Thursday, September 21, 2006

The pre-post post

Does anybody know what a pre-cleanser is? I didn’t either until flicking through a magazine yesterday and found out that the beauty industry has found an extra step – and therefore an extra product – in the beauty routine.

Apparently, no matter how much efficacy your facial cleanser promises, we put so much gunk on our faces on a daily basis that we actually require a pre-cleanse cleanse to work our way through the layers.

I did a little research and there are a few skin care brands that offer one of these pre-product products, just in case you want to make your routine even more complicated.

This caused me to look at the individual steps in my own skincare routine and I must say that until yesterday I thought it was fairly straightforward, but there is so much more scope for expansion. My routine follows in black font and the red font highlights steps I don’t take but could be taking if I was so inclined (and cashed up).

Pre-cleanser; cream cleanser; splash of water; toner; eye cream; face serum; vitamin c booster; moisturiser; sunscreen; primer; concealer; foundation.

My moisturiser contains an excellent sunscreen so I'm fairly chuffed at the 2-in-1 efficiency of it but all this doesn’t even start on the process of applying make up, doesn’t include twice weekly dermabrasion and masks and doesn’t extend beyond the neck and chest area; the upkeep of the rest of the body and hair is another production of gargantuan proportions.

It’s ridiculous, crazy and we still get wrinkles at the end of it all. Why bother?*
(* This doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping or reducing my routine but I can guarantee I won’t do the pre-cleanse; I might try the primer but definitely not the pre-cleanser.)

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