Friday, September 29, 2006

Office life, Paris Hilton-style

I am usually very careful about not letting the lovely, warm anonymity of my blog draw me into self-obsessive rants and indulgent soap box moments but I've had enough today.

Certain things at work are driving me batty and I'm wondering if it's a phase of the moon that's affecting people. People are normally fairly courteous and respectful of one another but things are out of character today.
  • Why is my job suddenly so interesting to other people that they feel compelled to meddle in what I'm doing?
  • Why are people talking to my clients without telling me?
  • Why am I being asked to do things a certain way only to be told to re-do them another way because they've simply changed their minds?
  • Why, why, why?

I don't work in an office governed by the rules of etiquette as written by Paris Hilton and therefore don't expect that people will go about their day making no sense at all, changing their minds at will for no apparent reason, and just being generally dizzy and erratic.

Get it together people!

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