Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I know it's in here somewhere...

The lovely beige bag you see pictured came home with me last week and I’m currently in the throes of what usually works out to be two or three weeks of familiarisation, during which I ‘lose’ some of my belongings while trying to find an in-bag accommodation plan that works for me.

Am I the only one to whom this happens? I get used to keeping things in certain pockets and when I get a new bag, the pocket configuration is usually different and I get all mixed up.

My previous work bag had two side zip pockets, plus the main compartment that I used as a cavernous receptacle of everything I deemed necessary to carry around. With that bag, I gave up on finding any sort of order within the main compartment and employed a ‘stick the arm in and rummage around’ approach to retrieving keys, wallet, etc. Call it random, but it worked. In the smaller pockets I put my lipsticks, iPod, phone, pen and the pass I use to get into work.

This new bag has three pockets inside and two outside and now I’m struggling to find a plan that works. My lipsticks are in three different places, I can’t find a pen and I haven’t used my iPod since last week because I can’t figure out where to put it. Oh, and the main compartment is so cavernous I even ‘lost’ my wallet in it this morning.

Anyway, if you’re walking down the street and see a woman rummaging around in her handbag, not looking at where she’s going, please be fair on her and give her some room: she could be me, or just another lost soul trying to get her handbag groove back.

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sahm said...

ROFLMAO .. "getting her handbag groove back" ... i love it PJ ... love it.

needed a good laugh tonight.