Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You may not recognise me now that I'm cool

I'm back from a weekend in the snow where I finally took the plunge and indulged in snow sports that didn't include building snowmen, snowball fights, or toddler-level tobogganing.

Yup, I went snowboarding and boy what an exhilarating/excruciating thing it is.

Until last weekend I didn't quite understand how one can have so much fun while enduring so much pain. Even though I was lucky enough to have a very good 2 hour lesson before hitting the slopes myself, I still spent most of the time falling over as opposed to actually snowboarding.

As such, you can probably guess that the picture in this post is most certainly not me as its subject is obviously:

  • in control of the situation
  • the right side up
  • not in contact with any snow

My day of snowboarding was followed by three days of hamstring, quadricep and inner thigh agony that had me waddling like a lifelong cowboy. I can walk without the swagger now but my yoga poses are now severely compromised as I can't even touch my toes at the moment.

Will I be doing it again? In a heartbeat I will. Just the thought of having legs of steel is enough to keep me going back for more.


sahm said...

The day I learned to snowboard was the funniest day of my life. My dh (then BF), and another couple. We had a lesson and the guys seemed to "get it" and after that, off they went on the t-bar to have a go down the front slope at Perisher. Meanwhile the other woman and I ... coudln't even got on the T-bar .. you should have seen us ... ohmiggod - the tbar operator, the entire line of people were pissing themselves. meanwhile, we gave up and walked up the slope a bit to have a go. We were crap. By the end of teh day I was soaked head to toe from sitting in the snow so much, and had a sore stomach from laughing so hard. Never again.
Glad you had a good time ..although sorry you are now sick because of your Mum's germs! Lovely when they share. Maybe you can get her back and give her the virus back when you see her.

PJ said...

The chair lift was the worst for me as I promptly stacked it as soon as the chair arrived at the top of the mountain. I'm scared of heights so by the time I got up there my legs were jelly from the adrenaline of being 6 metres in the air so I had to crawl, dragging my board behind me so the next lot of people getting off the lift didn't ski straight into me!

I felt like a teenager.

jacky said...

Hi Sahm,
I'm sure Paula is not going to give me any germs back as I was a hell of a companion that weekend.

Paula's mum

sahm said...

LOL .. on the chairlift PJ... that's funny .. I've seen people like you at teh snow ...

Hi Jacky!

PJ said...

Hey, my mum left a comment! That's her first and she's a dedicated reader. I'm so chuffed.