Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Once more with feeling please

I work in a fairly well populated office and after spending a while in such an environment, the general noise generated by the people around me as they go about their day becomes a sort of background tune that I don’t even notice most of the time. That is until such a time as a foreign noise comes into my hearing spectrum and then it has my full attention and breaks my concentration in a most unpleasant way.

Today I was blessed with a veritable marching band of foreign noises that, had they been put together, would have sounded like one of those buskers that plays instruments made out of garbage such as empty cans, bottle caps and plastic drums.

The players in this dubious band that conspired to rob me of my concentration today were (in no particular order of appearance):

  • The woman with the swish-y pants
  • The guy with lots of change in his pockets
  • The person scraping every last morsel of food from their plate
  • The whistler
  • The slurper
  • The person that stirs their coffee by banging the spoon around inside the cup
  • The guy on a speaker phone speaking so loud they almost don’t need the phone.

Thanks guys, your efforts were very gallant, very effective and not appreciated at all. Please have tomorrow off, I’d thank you for it.

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sahm said...

You make me miss going to work in an office pj ... almost ... :)