Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Milk only comes from cows

Lately I've been on a mission to increase the amount of soy-related products I consume on advice from my naturopath.

I don't remember why she wants me to ingest soy products - I'm not lactose intolerant and she hasn't asked me to cut out dairy - but I trust her implicitly.

After weeks of procrastinating not just because it tastes bad but also because...it tastes bad, I thought I'd give it a real try. For my latest efforts I've been rewarded with the knowledge that soy milk is not good:

  • with tea
  • in hot cocoa
  • with breakfast cereal
  • on its own
  • in cooking
  • as a yoghurt
  • I have come to the conclusion that I can only enjoy soy milk in one of two ways:

    • in a soy cafe latte
    • while pouring it down the drain

    Note: This post was written while the writer was enjoying an extra white cup of tea, made with cow's milk, the way it was meant to be.


    sahm said...

    Hi Pj .. I must agree .. my son was born with a milk protein allergy and at 15 months old I weaned him off his prescription formula onto soy milk. The smell made me feel sick - blech, but I gave it a try so I knew what he was eating - we had soy milk, yogurt, ice-cream, cheese ... and all of it - disgusting .... cow's milk gets my vote too ... and thankfully my son grew out of his allergy and now has cows milk as well - no more soy nothing in this house! YAY!

    PJ said...

    It's good he grew out of it, it's funny how babies develop certain allergies and then all of a sudden grow out of them. I was thinking about the lactose intolerant people that may read this post and it's a shame they can't have the real thing because it's so good. The one substitute milk I've found that's not too bad is rice milk, although it apparently doesn't have the hormone-clearing properties of soy (which I think is why my naturopath wants me to have it, I can't remember...)

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