Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Letter from the sickbed

Dear readers,

I know there aren't very many of you at the moment and I know I have no one to blame but myself. You see, I have been sickly of late with a horrendous head cold that is holding steady against multiple eviction notices from the Antihistamine Council, The Vitamin C Society and the World Paracetamol Organisation.

The virus came from my mum while on our snowing trip - no, really, thank you mum, love it when you share - but I'm sure it really took hold when an overweight corporate type coughed in my face at the train station the other day, dirty bastard. I'm sorry for using such strong language but it's taken me a full week to start feeling like myself again and I haven't been able to blog regularly because my creativity is sick in bed: I'm not happy.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing to you is to apologise for being lax and to promise to put myself out there and have some experiences worth writing about, even if I have to get back on another train soon.

Speak soon and thanks for hanging in there.



sahm said...

Sorry to hear you are sick PJ .. it seems everyone is sick at the moment ... we need some nice warm weather ... no more of this hot one day, cold the next.
Look after yourself and get better soon ok

PJ said...

Thanks SAHM, you're very sweet. I regularly visit your new blog but am having difficulty navigating it and leaving comments. I'll persevere.

sahm said...

I've changed it ... new URL ... sahm3170 .. but you have to be a registered blogger on that site to see it ... I've hidden everything under "Friends" ... it takes some getting used to .. th enew place but we are all working it out slowly. Lots of scope to do things with HTML .. something we all know little about but something we are all learning.