Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's a good thing she's pretty...

…because she has no idea what she's doing!

Australia - well, Sydney and Melbourne mostly - is currently in the grip of Mischa Barton fever. "What the? Who da? Why?" I hear you ask. Apparently she's an actress but her roles seem to be limited to shows I don't watch. Thankfully I recognise her from the trashy magazines that I compulsively read and hence I'm not surprise about this latest piece of news about her.

Our most exclusive department store - David Jones - is said to have paid $100,000 for her to come on over to this corner of the world and spruik our local fashion talent. Clearly once the monetary exchange was made and she realised that in US dollars she was no longer receiving a six-figure sum, she decided she would front up only physically and leave whatever intelligence she's been blessed with in her hotel room.

Mischa: Whaddayamean I only get $77,000? I was, like, supposed to, like get a hundred G.
Store rep: The Australian dollar only buys 77 US cents
Mischa: What? Australian dollars? What's that? There's only one type of dollar.
Store rep: Ah, no there isn't. Here wear this dress, it's by Scanlan & Theodore and here's a brief about the lovely and talented designers.
Mischa (discarding briefing notes): $77,000? What am I supposed to do it this?

Later at the press conference…

Journo: So Mischa, what label are you wearing today?
Mischa: Uh? Umm, Scatty something… No wait, do you guys know your money is almost worthless?
Store rep: Ha, ha, such a kidder and quick as a whip, ha, ha. More pictures please, can we have the store backdrop guys, thanks.


sahm said...

LOL that made me laugh PJ .. the papers are full of her here in Sydney adn did you see Richard Wilkins on Today show this morning - he was practically falling all over himself, a bigger smile you have never seen.
I don't get it though - they make all this money yet the "celebrities" still get all the free stuff - she got given more clothes than I can wear in my lifetime - the entire season's collection from Sass&Bide ... plus, plus, plus, plus ..... not fair.

Kallie said...

I don't get it at all - she's not pretty in my book and now you tell me she's an airhead to boot. I hear her name all over the place and have no idea what she does, figured she's famous for being famous...