Monday, August 14, 2006

Can't Live Without: The PJ Edition

There's a section in one of the free Sunday newspaper magazines that I love reading every weekend. It's titled 'Can't Live Without' and involves a known person of some sort - theatre, television, music, chef, etc - sharing some of the objects they can't live without and explaining why.

I really enjoy the insight into what people value and why. Most often than not these objects include some really awful tribal masks, selected for inducing memories of fun trips; and often include photos or childhood knick-knacks which are cute but, you know, expected - everyone treasures that stuff.

Every now and again you get someone totally off centre. Two weeks ago a lady nominated a Chanel lipstick and Gucci handbag as two things she can't live without. Good on her. If I spent $50 on a lipstick and almost 100 times that on a single handbag, I wouldn't want to live without them either.

This past Sunday, I was left wanting after reading about a certain guy's most treasured possessions. Granted, things got off to a bad start when I read in his introduction that he makes his guests take their shoes off and wear white slippers when they come to his house: "it makes things more comfortable," he claims. I really hate that. Not even when my wooden floors were freshly lacquered did I make my friends take their shoes off in my house. Sure, if they prefer slippers there's always a pair available, but come on, floors are to be walked on.

As I looked through his stuff, it was too apparent that this was simply an act of self promotion for him and his show and he included lots of items related to his showbiz achievements. I just didn't care for him or his stuff and now have to wait seven days until the next one. As such, here are some things that I can't live without.

Things PJ Can't Live Without

My iPod: I know it is all too model-like to say I can't go anywhere without my iPod - "oh, I'd go crayzee being primped and pampered all day for free if I didn't have my French lessons/Jane Austen book reading in my iPod" - but I can't. Other people's mindless chatter annoys the hell out of me.

My husband: Awwww. The truth is, I am insane and he helps me get over myself.

Milk: I've tried the alternatives but just can't do it.

Peanut the dog: the ears, the nose, the tail, the attitude and endless puppy enthusiasm gets me every time.

Lipstick: of any brand or price range, I love wearing lipstick and have too many of them.

Magazines: although I love books, you can't beat the instant gratification of flipping through a glossy, colourful magazine.

Eggs: a meal in a shell. Enough said.


sahm said...

great minds think alike PJ ... I'm doing this sort of list for my Thurs 13 this week. Meal in a shell - lol that made me laugh.

Kallie said...

LOL PJ. My favourite bit of the Sunday newspaper is "Style police" I love it that I'm not the only person who looks at celebrities sometimes and thinks "What is that?"