Monday, August 14, 2006

By popular demand

WeddingThis post is for SAHM and Kallie, who latched on to the bit of my holiday story that said I got married in Las Vegas and have requested more information.

The lead up to the ceremony was almost a comedy of errors as my now husband tried several unsuccessful times to propose. He had grandiose visions of us hiking up some beautiful mountain and him proposing at the top with a lovely vista and me only having two choices: accept or jump.

What he didn't count on was my crippling and completely irrational fear of heights, coupled with my uncanny ability to imagine a gruesome death in any instance or situation. (Seriously, I've tried this with a friend, you can give me any hypothetical situation and I can imagine a catastrophic way to die.)

Anyway, many a time we set of on beautiful walks up beautiful mountains and I gave up part of the way there because the track became too narrow and too far up and I could visualise myself rolling back down the side of the mountain, never to be married. Another time we were walking down into a canyon in Zyon National Park and just as we reached the bottom, it started raining. All I could think of was the warnings that canyons flood during rain so, imagining me drowning in a tidal wave after 5 minutes of light rain, we climbed back up the canyon, taking 20 minutes to ascend what had taken us 40 minutes to descend. Fear does amazing things to my physical endurance.

So once we'd reached Vegas and had only a few days left, I lost my patience one night and asked if we were going to get married, of if I should just stop expecting a proposal. He promptly freaked out and revealed his failed propose-on-top-of-a-mountain plan.

In keeping with his original grandiose plan, the question was popped at the Grand Canyon and in true Vegas style, we were married two days later.

We got married in a lovely chapel in the Monte Carlo casino and walked down the aisle watched only by the celebrant, the photographer and about 40 empty chairs. It was just the two of us and only about the two of us, which is how these things are supposed to be. I started crying even before we got to the altar and cried all the way through the ceremony. My face is red in all the photos and in some you can even see the tissue bunched up in my hand.

After the ceremony we got in our car and drove to Los Angeles where we spent our honeymoon for a few days before flying back home.

It still feels like yesterday...


sahm said...

That is the BEST story ever. I wanted to get married in Las Vegas ... my Mum wouldn't hear of it - wanted the big white wedding ... maybe my second one .. wink wink ... :) ... thank you for sharing your story PJ and I love the photo too. You look so joyously happy.

sahm said...

ps. re new blog ... do you mind if I ask you to email Kallie .. she has a hotmail address on her blog. She will give it to you if that's ok ... along with her new blog - she's moving too.

PJ said...

Thanks sahm, it was a bit of a convoluted journey but we got there in the end. I know about the promise and lure of a white wedding but having done both, I'd certainly recommend eloping. We still came back to Australia and had a couple of receptions/parties with family so you get the best of both worlds.

Kallie said...

I think that's awesome PJ :) What a wonderful way to get married, bit of a pity that your husband's plans for a romantic proposal got mucked up but it all worked out in the end :). Oh, and I'm with you on the gruesome endings (I do that all the time) and the height issue. I can't even climb a ladder.