Wednesday, August 30, 2006

$485 worth of grandpa's sweater

I previously published a post about a stupid, overpriced, dumb-looking t-shirt and now I'm back to express new levels of astonishment at the $485 price tag on this equally stupid-looking sweater. (Click the image to get all the details on the item and verify without doubt that it won't give you enough change from $500 to buy two people a meal at McDonalds.)

Has everyone gone mad? Who on this sweet earth would pay to wear that? The website claims it was designed in Japan, made from Egyptian cotton (it's not even cashmere!) and sold in Australia. That's all very good but did it fly here in first class? Is that what I'd be paying for if I completely lost my mind and decided to buy one?

I struggle to think where the costs lay because I know the following aspects of this sweater did not contribute to the price tag:

  • Graphic design: that pattern is straight out of 1960s carpet.
  • Patternmaking and tailoring: it looks like one of those bat-sleeved sweaters made out of a front and back piece, no sleeves.
  • Material: see cashmere comment above.
  • Presentation: it's hanging on a cheap plastic hanger.

  • Beats me but if you know why, leave me a comment, I'd love to know.

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    sahm said...

    well that's just plain ugly ... I'm sure I saw that out front of Lowes Menswear last week at the mall ... $9.99 on special. Bleech.