Monday, July 31, 2006

You should have someone look at that eye thing

I have a problem with the woman that plays the lead role in Grey's Anatomy. Am I the only one that thinks she is constantly squinting?

Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions; I don't watch the show and came to my opinion after seeing only fleeting moments while changing channels between other shows that I do watch. Maybe I'm only catching her on the scenes where she's having to think hard about things, or I'm simply catching her blinking.

Despite the show's success I can't remember seeing pictures of this Ellen Pompeo woman when she's not in character so I am unable to make a conclusive decision as to whether she squints in her personal life, or whether this affliction is written into the character.

Actually, this latter thought is quite plausible because this is the most depressing and sullen character on television so a squint suits her well. Her and her love interest in the show - is it McDreamy? It sounds like a burger with whipped cream instead of sauce, urgh - seem to be perpetually weighed down with unrequited love and boundless desire for one another. Look how happy they look in this picture. Downright jolly!

I find it too tedious to watch people moping around so much and I feel that this prevents me from watching more than a fleeting glance of this show, no matter how well recommended it is.

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