Sunday, July 30, 2006

What to wear this coming spring

This is Shop Til You Drop, a magazine that is essentially a 200-page catalogue. Really, it's no different from any other female interest magazine, where fashion layouts and editors' recommendations are essentially advertising rather than true opinions, only this one is out in the open about its interests and isn't trying to do anything other than shift product.

As a magazine addict, this is on my list of regular monthly 'flicks' and although I enjoy it, I don't particularly get anything out of it. I can't remember a time when I've actually bought something I saw in this magazine.

In this particular issue, they have a feature that looks at some winter wardrobe pieces that can still work through spring, with a few newly-bought additions. There's the winter skirt that can be paired with a light blouse, the skinny jeans that will work well with an equally skinny singlet, and then there are these two:
  • The pair of woollen winter short shorts that you can wear with ballet flats and a t-shirt. Oh, of course, the shorts...I've been wearing nothing but woollen shorts this winter. In fact, I've found them indispensable, particularly on the chilly 5 degree mornings on my way to work.
  • The sleeveless shift dress you wore on the colder days when the shorts just didn't cut it in the warmth department. You can hang on to this dress for spring and throw on some new season sandals and...wait for it...a beanie.

Yes, the visionary editors of this magazine have decreed that in spring you can wear a knitted beanie on your head when in winter you were decked out in shorts and sleeveless dresses. I should have know that by having Paris Hilton on the cover, the contents of the magazine, much like her carreer, ability and continued appeal, would defy belief.

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