Friday, July 21, 2006

Wake me when it's over

I've been in Sydney for a two day work conference and on Wednesday afternoon I was the closest I've ever been to falling asleep in the middle of a meeting. I've had the dubious honour of taking part in many, many boring meetings. This particular one wasn't your regular type of yawn-boring meeting, I mean it was bo-ring, the type where your mind no longer wanders but actually starts having conversations with itself about how bored it is.

My formula for meeting boredom is as follows:

Sandwiches for lunch + no protein + most boring presentation by most boring person ever = PJ teetering ever closer to sleep at conference table in front of many senior people that pay my wages.

If MTV ran awards for business meetings, this one would have cleaned up in the categories of:
  • Biggest Post Lunch Carb Crash - awarded to me, it was like my bread was made of Valium
  • Most Boring Navy Pant Suit - awarded to the above mentioned presenter
  • Worst Accessorising of Navy Pant Suit - the only cool thing about the lady were the shoes and I'm sure my delusioned brain heard them pleading for mercy
  • Greatest Disregard for Participants' Nutrition - you can't serve carrot sticks with crisps
  • Best Boredom-Induced Daydream - mine where I took myself back to New York (my safe place) and went shopping at Sephora. (Note: if you're reading this from outside Australia, our cosmetic prices are ridiculous and Sephora is heaven on earth.)

Anyway, I didn't (at least I don't think I did, I hope I didn't and if I did, everyone was too nice to tell me) fall asleep and as if my esteem for this blogging caper weren't high enough, it was what saved me because, you see, I pretended to take enthusiastic notes during the boring presentation when I was really writing this post!


HAD said...

well, PJ, join the queue, I went to a seminar about a month ago...and I know I went to sleep!!

Yly said...


A few years ago, I was giving a small, informal course on some technical stuff to a few guys in that office of mine in New Guinea.

There were only three of them, and we were gathered around my large desk and focusing on a large screen terminal that I had. All had gone well in the morning session.....but after lunch the problems started.... :)

One of the guys was in his early/mid twenties....a tall lanky guy. He was seated at the very end of the desk.....but no more than a couple of metres from me. Now I know I have had people whose attention drifted from me when I have had large large rooms.....but until then I had never had anyone drift off to sleep when they were one of three participants and only a metre or so from me....LOL

The combination of a good feed at lunch time....a late night the night before.....and (of course) having chewed a little beetle nut (bouai...they call it) after lunch really made Hectors eyes a little heavy....LOL

I kept going with my presentation, and watched as Hector rocked back and forth on the back two legs of his chair....the eyes flitted open a couple of times....but the weight of sleep dragged them closed quickly....:)

I thought about waking him....but instead decided that my curiosity of the laws of physics would hold sway. I wondered if he would fall backwards off his rocking chair....or whether his momentum would carry him head first to the desk top.... :)

I was just about to mentally take a punt on his falling forwards when the laws of biology came into play. There are times when a young man is deep in sleep that he has a bio-physical urge to should I put it...."re-arrange his furniture"....LOL

As he fumbled around (in his sleep) for that more comfortable position, I decided to bring him back with an abrupt halt....after all.....I didn't want his discomfort to suddenly become "larger than life" to speak.....LOL

I suppose my pride as a presenter of interesting tales....technical or otherwise took a bit of a battering that day.... :)....but it did provide me with yet another interesting memory of that office.

Catch ya later....

PJ said...

Hi Yly, great to hear from you again. It sure must have been a surreal experience for you to have the guy fall asleep right in front of you.

Yly said... is just one of those things that happen in the Land of the Unexpected.... :)

sahm said...

How did you go on theflight PJ?