Monday, July 10, 2006

Taste sensation

During my lunchtime today I visited the local Asian supermarket and came away with a bottle of sake, a can of coffee latte drink that contained more sugar than a can of Coke, and a packet of this gum.

I was sold after reading the small print that declared this was Floral Chewing Gum. The fun I've had with this gum is completely disproportionate to the 60 cents I paid for it. After tasting it myself, I watched with glee as four of my friends each had a piece and offered their own verdict.
  • It has a complex flavour palette that starts off distinctly floral, very slightly minty, graduating to a full soap taste with a top note of urinal cake. Before long, your whole mouth tastes like you've tried to eat your gradmother's closet.
  • Two out of five testers reacted very violently, thrusting the half chewed gum into the nearest trash can with much wincing and frowning.
  • Five out of five testers would rather eat real soap than chew another stick ever.

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