Monday, July 10, 2006

Shopper extraordinaire

I am a marketer’s dream; when it comes to cleaning products, cosmetics and foodstuffs, I’ll buy almost anything on the back of wild and spurious claims. This frustrated me greatly last night as I tried to wipe away my smudged ‘no smudge’ mascara with my ‘one wipe, extra gentle’ eye make up remover and had to scrub so hard I nearly lost all my eyelashes.

Why do I get suckered into these things? Why do I buy ‘super strong hold’ hairspray that doesn’t hold a single curl in place? Why do I have a drawer full of no frizz products and a head full of frizz? Why am I wearing lip balm on top of my ‘endless moisture’ lipstick?

If you want to sell me a cleaning product, turn it into a wipe on/off product and I’m there. My cleaning cupboard is crammed with wipes for almost every cleaning use: glass, leather, floor, toilet, dry, wet, the list goes on. Got a new cereal to flog? Slap a “10% more protein” label on it and I’ll eat it, even if it’s just cardboard chips mixed with protein powder.

And don’t even get me started on cosmetics, body creams, wrinkle fillers and tooth whiteners, that's a whole other post. Just slap a name tag on me and call me sucker.

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Denim said...

Hi PJ,Popped in for a visit and to check your your new blog site. Very nice. Love all your posts, specially this one, hilarious, absolutely hilarious. I think there is a bit of you in every woman. You are so right, suckers we are!