Monday, July 24, 2006

She won by a nose

I caught up with some of the Miss Universe action from the weekend and was struck with the realisation that we have a nose problem on our hands – or should it be faces?

Anyway, when I saw a picture of the newly-selected Miss Universe, I realised that if she wasn’t wearing a sash that read Puerto Rico, I would have had no idea what country she was representing just by looking at her face. Her nose, which should act as some sort of ethnic marker, was just like every other plastic nose walking around Hollywood. Sure she is a brunette and tan, but devoid of any traditional Latina curves, with straight hair and fluorescent caps on her teeth, she just looks like Paris Hilton with a dye job and her blue contacts out.

I then took a short trip through a photo gallery of the event and nearly all the girls had the same shape nose (the one exception was the representative from Lebanon and props to her for keeping it real - and I mean real real, not 'real' in a gangster, word to your mother way). I am by no means a feminist and am happy to leave the poor good-looking, happy as hell ladies to do what they please but I am more than a little incensed that the premise of this contest is to look at beauty from across the world, yet if our representatives are anything to go by, we’re all beginning to look the same.

If that’s the case, I just want to know why I’m still so white. I could do with a bit of Latina melanin in my skin. Wonder if there’s surgery for that?

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