Monday, July 10, 2006

Ranting and raving

My mood today is one I would simply describe as ‘special’. Some people may call it ‘caustic’, ‘nasty’ or downright ‘bitter’. Others might go so far as to ask “what’s with the inverted commas?” and to them I’d say “get off my case I’m feeling special today, ‘kay?”
I came across a funny blog called
copyranter, where the author offers an extensive list of what he hates instead of a personal profile. As a tribute, here’s my version on this appropriately snarky day.

I hate:
4pm meetings; egoists; megalomaniacs; limp fish handshakes; cracked nail polish; dopey drivers; slow walkers; inconsiderate smokers; overused exclamation marks; rhubarb; inflections; self talkers; acronyms; bureaucracy; fatalism; clichés; Michal Schumacher; square jaws; fluff on black clothes; metal stilettos; leather pants; chicken-flavoured crisps; Tracey Grimshaw; Big Brother; Land Rover Discoveries; alarm clocks; apples; celery; scuffed shoes; green pens; square chopsticks; boundless enthusiasm; and country music.

copyranter .

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Denim said...

I really love your 'hate' list PJ .. Similar to the Likes and Dislikes list that was going around Bigblog a while back. Ranting and venting is so good for the soul, a bit like 'chicken soup' ..