Thursday, July 06, 2006

Possibly the world's most stupid T-shirt

I subscribe to a weekly Melbourne newsletter called ThreeThousand with a target audience that I could only describe as 'hipster'.

This description is common to too-cool-for-school, trucker cap wearing, skinny grey jean and vintage band t-shirt devotees in Manhattan, but we've got them in Australia too, usually hanging around in South Yarra, Fitzroy and any street in Bondi. Australian hipsters invariably wear thongs year-round and have shaggy haircuts that don't even come close to looking like the hundreds of dollars they cost. They also slouch, drag their feet and mumble (I'm going off with the generalisation aren't I?)

Anyway, it's this type of person that I think would make use of the content in this newsletter and although I subscribe, it seems it's more for my own curiosity and I am yet to go see, buy or experience any of its recommendations.

Let's get to the t-shirt. Here's a picture of it.

Hipsters would love it: the old school graphics, the irony of it, the 'make it at home with a bit of stencil and fabric paint' appeal, the obscure Danish designer (what is it with these guys?), and the price tag starting at $90!

Yep, if you bought this piece of plain fabric with a silly rainbow and the two eyes that aren't centred properly, you wouldn't have enough money to take yourself to your favourite hole-in-the-wall bar with some hip DJ and buy yourself the latest trendy Asian beer to toast your great taste and happy purchase.

I am not a hipster and have obviously failed to find merit in this t-shirt but I might keep my subscription to the newsletter open for a little while longer, just in case something good comes along...let's say, a hipster revolution I may be interested in signing up for...

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