Monday, July 10, 2006

One of my colleagues sent me a file containing some of the worst album covers of all time. There are too many to put here so I decided to go with my two 'favourites'.

Geraldine and Ricky - Trees Talk Too

Yes honey, trees talk too, just like the dashing young man sitting on your knee. He is clearly your soulmate so don't let anybody tell you otherwise, or perhaps try to convince you that he is inanimate because he's not - he's got a name, and a nice jacket, and has cut an album, so there.

Love knows no boundaries Geraldine, and you just knew it was meant to be when he 'sang' to you and you thought it sounded just like your own voice only guttural, like when you try to talk with your teeth clenched.

The Louvin Brothers - Satan is Real

This is so odd, on so many levels, that I have to break it down.

  • They are wearing white suits in a pit of fire and brimstone, having obviously found the doorway to hell during a 70s style mixer, ditched their dates and made their way down in their good suits.
  • Their obvious glee at having found the devil is disproportionate with the fact that what they indeed have is a red cardboard cutout with three yellow circles for eyes and mouth.
  • How did they manage to take a photographer down with them or if not, how did they bear the burning heat of hell long enough to set up a tripod and take their places?
  • Why the outstretched hands? Are they introducing the the devil in a "ta daa" kind of way, or is the rest of hell quite nice behind the camera?

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    boltongray said...

    i had a whole heap of these album covers cluttering my inbox this morning. hilarious. it was like being assaulted by graduates of the retards school of music.

    and why do i think these albums were all produced in the south?