Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'll have the eggs but hold the attitude

I had one of the shittiest breakfasts of my life this morning. My work team and I met before work to break bread and share stories at a café near our building. In the interest of teamwork, I ignored the warning bells when this place was suggested because I’d been there before and the food was terrible, the service was crap and I had made a mental note never to go back there again.

Act I, Scene I
Me: We should order some drinks before the boss gets here.
Waitress: What would you like?
Me: Can I have a green tea please?
Waitress (raising eyebrows and looking down her nose): Is that it?
Me: Ah, yeah.
Colleague1: Oh and an orange juice.
Colleague 2: And some sugar please.
Waitress (scoffing): Sugar?
Colleague 2: Yeah
Waitress (looking us up and down in disbelief as if we'd just ordered a glass of blood with a cocktail umbrella in it): So a green tea, orange juice and sugar, that's it?

She then turned around and clumped back down the stairs while we tried to figure out what her problem was. A little while later we ordered our breakfasts. I was going to go with the muesli but decided at the last minute to order Eggs Florentine with spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

I should have gone with the muesli or something else that didn’t require much cooking – read human intervention – because what these people do to food is tantamount to abuse.

My rough illustration looks better than my actual plate of food and my Hollandaise sauce was actually mayonnaise. They both sound the same but surely if you’re in the food business you should know the difference? And shouldn't you also know a thing or two about talking to customers?

Act II, Scene I
(Waitress delivering plates of food to the table)
Waitress (to me)
: Eggs Florentine
Waitress (to Colleague 3 who had ordered the same thing): Yours is coming, don’t worry.

He wasn’t worried and he hadn’t said a thing but she had just found another crafty way to spread her attitude around the table and leave us to ‘enjoy’ our breakfast with a hearty side of bitch.


Anonymous said...

I was there sitting at a table nearby, I saw it. it was lame. I think you should be able to hit two out of three when you go for breakfast:
1) Atmosphere
2) Service
3) Food

This morning gave me the shivers as the whole experience remined me of when I was in hospital in Coast Rica getting my boobs done.

sahm said...

uggh! what a way to start the day.