Thursday, July 06, 2006

If I see your toes, I'm going to step on them

I've just about had it with thongs.

Winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne and, just to make sure we weren't under any misconceived impressions that winter = cold in this lovely city, last night we got to a low of 3 degrees. Yep, coat, scarf and glove season is here and I believe such chilly temperatures should also serve a timely reminder that it is also closed shoe season.

Then why am I seeing so many people still wearing thongs? The last two I saw didn't even look like the type that wear them to the office before putting on sky high heels that are good for three steps (four, tops) before one's Achilles tendon snaps. One of them was a man for starters (not that there's anything wrong with men in heels...each to their own), and the other was a girl casually walking along displaying her hypothermia-blue feet in the face of a 10 degree day.

During summer I was a most ardent thong disciple. I wore them so much I had tan lines but this has gone too far. It's distressing to see people subjecting their poor feet to such cold temperatures, their soles only separated from freezing concrete by 20mm of cheap rubber. Why do they do it? It can't be for comfort and it can't possibly be for fashion because they look ridiculous. Maybe it's a new physical challenge thing, mind over matter, divorcing of the senses...

They're just doing it to test me, aren't they?


Monique said...

It's so freaking hot here right now, all I can say is that I'm jealous!

PJ said...

We should swap! This time last year I was over there and loving it! I got 2 summers in a row so am really feeling the winter this time. Thanks for stopping by, you're officially my first commenter here - I'm thrilled.