Friday, July 14, 2006

I love Fridays because...

I can wear casual clothes to work: today I'm wearing my most comfortable pair of jeans and my black All Stars. I'm so comfortable, and my outfit is so close to being the next best thing to pyjamas that I suspect it's putting me off my work. It's making me want to goof off and write in my blog.

Here I am kicking back and taking pictures of my feet when I should be writing a presentation on internal communication. I just can't concentrate when my internal communication is as follows:

Toes: Wow, these shoes are so flexible and comfortable, much better than the high heels she usually wears...and the socks, real socks are so much warmer than stockings.
Legs: These jeans are so comfy they feel like trackpants. She's been sitting with her legs crossed all day and there's no pinching or pulling.
Wrists: Jeans and sneakers mean little accessorising and it's great not to have clunky bangles getting in the way of the keyboard.
Toes: Yeah, yeah, but we're the real winners here - look how cute we are!


sahm said...

cute post PJ ... you look very comfy... have a lovely weekend

Had said...

LOL, very good PJ...though you spoilt my fun...was going to post...a pic with my jeans and boots (riding)...not a fashion statement :)...but I forgive you (kind of me, huh)...night PJ :)