Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Curse of the squeaky shoe

What is it with me and squeaky shoes? My right shoe spontaneously developed a squeak this afternoon and now makes itself known every time I take a step. It's not the first time this has happened to me and I've often wondered how a perfectly good shoe can go from inanimate to dog chew toy-squeakiness.

This time I was actually paying attention when it happened: I swiped my entry card to gain access to my office floor, lifted my right foot to step through the door and as I put it down again to take my next step it squeaked. That's it. No cobblestones or stairs, no incline or unsteady ground, nothing but smooth, newly-laid carpet.

Now I'm one of those people in the office that you can hear coming a mile away. You know the types: the whistler, the pocket full of change guy, the person with the janitor-sized keyring, the guy with the limp, the chick in stilettos, the one dragging his feet, and now the woman with the squeaky shoe.

The last shoes of mine to develop a squeak were ballet flats. Single piece of rubber for sole and heel; I have no idea how they can squeak but I can even hear them over traffic. Don't wear them as much now on account of the noise and the same fate may well await today's shoes. Damn it, it's all wrong. I'm a girl - my shoe collection is supposed to grow not shrink! Damn squeaks.

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Kallie said...

I hate squeaky shoes too. Have never worked out why some do and others don't...