Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bear with a sore tooth

I broke a tooth tonight. Generally, this is not a good thing and in my case it is even worse because:

  • I hate going to the dentist
  • It’s a tooth that had recent work
  • There are probably not many options left for it
  • It will be painful and expensive
  • I hate going to the dentist
  • I broke it while eating multigrain toast with butter (I hardly ever eat toast and I was only half way through, which made the rest go to waste)

One of the worst bits about all of this is that I will have to go to a new dentist. You see, I ‘broke up’ with my last dentist after I finally had enough of his condescending and patronising manner. It’s one thing to understand my fear and general hatred of the dentistry practice, but it’s another thing altogether to treat me like a child and talk to me in goo goo ga ga language. It got to a point where he was even correcting me on my posture while we were talking.

Anyway, there’s no way I’m going back there and it’s such a shame because his rooms were just up the road from my place and I could go from the motorised chair of hell to my bed in under 10 minutes. Instead I will go to a dentist many of my colleagues visit – and rave about.

He’s apparently funny, gentle, reasonably priced and generally sounds too good to be true. He’s in the city, which means I will have to endure a train trip home while cranky, hung over from adrenaline and with a droopy mouth. Happy days.

I hate going to the dentist.


Kallie said...

I hate dentists too - only way a dentist can even do a check on my teeth is with happy gas. I tend to get all uptight and then my mouth closes and voila - a bite LOL. Your old dentist sounds like a prat, hope the new one is as good as he's reputed to be. If he is I might have to get a name and see him when I'm in Melbourne :)

sahm said...

ouch ouch ouch ...I can feel you anxiety ... i hate the dentist too and have never had one I'm completely happy with .. I chop and change all the time .. only because I have to because we move all the time .. I hope this new guy is fantastic ...

delamare said...

Have you been yet? I DESPERATELY need a good, kind, nice dentist,and I need a lead!