Monday, July 10, 2006

Anatomy of a lipstick junkie

My name is PJ and I'm a lip product junkie.

Wild coloured glosses, super matt lipsticks, lip exfoliators and moisturising concoctions: I've been there and I've done that (with the exception of the dark liner-light lipstick combination, that's just too nasty for words).

I've always known my product quota was a bit over the top and it was undeniably confirmed when I reached into my handbag, pulled out the selection you see below and thought to myself "oh, I'm a bit short on choice today, only five." Five. Who on earth needs to change their lip colour so many times in one day? I certainly don't yet today I carry five different products (and one is a two-in-one, which really makes it six different colours).

I blame it mostly on Mecca Cosmetica and on a couple of years in my adult development when I finally decided to stop being so goth-like and adopt a more girly persona.

For the moment, I've settled on the lip balm alone but might go for a spot of colour from the second tube from the right: Nars 'Bilitis'. Strange name but lovely colour and just right for right now.

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